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We design the following:

  • Grid Tie Systems

    A grid tie system integrates Solar with your existing municipal power supply. Your electrical load is supplied first from solar panels and then from the municipal grid when there is not enough solar power on overcast days or at night. There are no batteries involved reducing cost & complexity. This can lead to significant savings on your electricity supply particularly for businesses who have electricity demand mainly during daytime.
  • Back Up Systems

    Battery units that supply back up or emergency power during power failures for all household systems; computers, TV, decoders, fans, pumps Batteries are either charged by solar panels or the main electrical supply. Generators can be added to provide additional capacity in the event of extended outages.
  • Island System: Totally Off the Grid.

    Solar Panels, Charge controllers, Batteries, Invertors.
    Be completely independent cancel the electricity bill entirely.
  • Solar Hybrid System

    A hybrid solar system combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of a grid connected system, reducing your electricity bill but with the extra peace of mind of solar or generator powered battery backup back up for periods when the municipal power fails. This means that even during a power blackout, you still have electricity
  • Solar pumping- Boreholes and Dams.

    Pumps powered by Solar panels
  • DIY solar Power Kits

    We supply components for self-install

The components required for any system chosen are sourced at the best possible prices and we prefer to use the leading Tier one type solar panels and top of the range inverters and a variety of top quality batteries.
The electrical reticulation being the most important part of the system is carried out by certified electricians and installers. All installations are fully compliant to the Health and Safety ACT, 1993

DJ Solar I am based in Tzaneen as an experienced solar and electrical contractor.
I can offer a consultation and personalized quotation dependant on your needs, whatever they may be. The development of improved designs at better prices, the acceptance of SARS of renewable energy as tax deductible, the mismanagement of ESKOM and municipalities and year round sunshine in SOUTH AFRICA, makes Solar energy the obvious choice!!!
So if saving money and the reassurance that you will have uninterrupted power supply are your priorities, please contact me to find out more.


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